Local Food Campaign

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The food we all consume needs to be healthy, safe and nutritious. Unfortunately, the industrialization of agriculture has led to many unhealthy and unsustainable food products in our homes resulting in increased diabetes, food allergies, obesity, heart disease and more. Occurrences of food contamination and safety issues are creating public concern.

We believe our food production must come back home into our local communities. We are working hard to build successful components of sustainable agriculture. In particular, we work directly with small farmers producing vegetables, meats, dairy products and more to build successful markets and make their efforts sustainable over the long term.

Much of our work involves establishing healthy market outlets for local consumers to access these foods. A healthy market system encourages farmers to return to local food production. We work to improve farmers markets, institutional markets, CSA (community supported agriculture), farm sales and cooperatives by focusing on both buyers and sellers alike.

Our work with the public is extensive and includes important educational components on nutrition, healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyles, cooking & canning, sustainable farming and much more.

Cooking & canning for nutrition is a recently completed program whereby consumers received cooking and canning classes at local farmers markets. Consumers also received recipes detailing preparation of fresh naturally produced foods. While this program is completes our work and dedication in this area will continue!

Why Local Food over Commercially Produced Food?

Healthier Choice & Better Taste: Simply put, vine-ripened produce is fully mature and thus has had all the micro and macro nutrients uploaded into the fruit or vegetable. Picking green produce and then artificially ripening (commercial method) may be best for transportation and shelf life, but not best for us. Not surprisingly, these nutrients in turn lead to much better tasting food.

Ethical meat: Grass-fed beef and free-range pork & chicken are sold at the farmers markets. This is a much healthier alternative to factory raised animals that are fed unnatural diets (with steroids and antibiotics included) to bulk up the animal just prior to slaughter.

Baked goods made with real flavour: Local markets offer fresh baked goods made with family recipes that have stood the test of time. These baked goods simply taste better because all natural ingredients are used to produce items from scratch.

Interactive experience: You can speak to the farmer about the product and ask questions about how best to prepare it.

Nutrient packed produce: Farmer's markets sell local produce which means it travelled small distances and was just harvested to provide you with the most vitamins and minerals for your health. Again, more nutrients equal a healthier choice and better taste.

Supporting local farmers: Purchasing from farmer's markets helps keep farmers in business and contributes to the local economy.

It's good for the environment: Cutting down on food processing, packaging, and travel will reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned.

Greater variety: You will always discover a much greater selection of produce, including many heirloom varieties, at farmers markets. Not only is everything fresh, but often the heirlooms have unique flavors found nowhere else.

Knowing where your food comes from: Meeting and talking to farmers and food artisans is a great opportunity to learn more about how and where food is produced.

Hidden Gems: Our markets frequently sell all-natural body products, locally sourced chocolates, maple syrup, local honey, pet products, flowers, plants, unique crafts, laundry soap, home-made ice cream, the very best baked goods and many more gems.

Help us support local food producers, shop at your local farmer's market!